Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Inflatable Tom Harkin (D-Liar's Club)

Another member of the Stuffed Ego club joins the attack on Rush.

Tom Harkin had claimed that he was an F-4 and F-8 pilot in Vietnam. When Barry Goldwater challenged him on that, Harkin re-did his story to state that he was actually flying over Cuba.

Well, on further review, Harkin then admitted that he was a milk-run ferry pilot, shuttling aircraft from Japan to the Philippines.

And he had actually SEEN Vietnam, although he does not have a Vietnam service-ribbon.


Al said...

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Take Harkin off our hands. He is an embarrasment to our state. I CANNOT for the life of me figure out how he keeps getting reelected.

It is time to ship him home to the Bahamas where he belongs!

The Asian Badger said...

Tom Harkin is just a hoople. What a lightweight.

Yo...Harkin...how would you like a Sparrow up your ass? Knowing you, you'd probably like a Slammer or someone returning your tapdance in the MSP airport men's room.