Tuesday, October 02, 2007

DarthDoyle Huffs, Puffs, and Threatens Families

Another threat from Doyle. Another day. Another several dollars saved from increased taxes...

State workers could face temporary layoffs by the end of the year if the Legislature doesn 't pass a new two-year budget, Gov. Jim Doyle warned Monday.

Workers in all state agencies could be affected, but the threat could be most acute in the Department of Corrections, which faces a $370 million shortfall without a new budget, Doyle said in a meeting with the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board.

Now why, do you speculate, does Darth begin with Corrections?

"The pain comes when real ordinary citizens start really feeling the effects of this, " Doyle said.

OK, Guv. I read that as a specific threat to me and my family.

There's no other way to read that quote, Guv. You have an excuse for that crap, Guv?

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The Asian Badger said...

As you always told me; buy more ammo.