Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fred: Don't Ignore Hunter's Concern

All in all, it was clear that Fred!! (Corn-a-Hole) has a great deal more capability than Messrs. Romney, Giuliani, and McCain would have us think. He got off the ground after a few minutes, was as concise as necessary, and managed to put Romney in his place.

This could be a two-man race in a few months, with Rudeeeee!! being the other one.

Nonetheless, we'll talk a bit about Duncan Hunter. At the risk of incurring "Charlie-Wrath," I must say that Hunter's concerns about "free trade" were supported very well. He repeatedly made the VERY valid point that a disintegrating manufacturing base bodes ill for national defense--which is a significant concern.

He also mentioned (but did not clearly articulate) the "fair trade" vs. "free trade" argument--another valid point.

Fred!! at least recognized currency-manipulation as a threat--and also understands that the tax/reg environment in the USA is extremely unfavorable. (He should live in Wisconsin if he wants to understand the pain of tax/reg/tax/reg/tax/reg the 9th power...)

But Fred!! should also find a way to recognize the national-security/defense implications and get VERY serious about them.

He has time to do so.

And he will "out-Defense" Ruuuudeeeee!!! if he chooses to incorporate this concern into his position.

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