Thursday, October 11, 2007

Elmbrook Schools' Sex Committee Avoids the REAL Survey

There's another discussion of the Elmbrook Schools' sex-ed curriculum, centering around 'educating' 7th/8th graders about fellatio and cunnilingus.

Too bad that the Human Growth and Development Committee was "guided" into a false choice on "surveying" parents instead of taking the bull by the horns.

When the program was established, the Committee's members advanced the idea that the sex-ed program should be an "opt-IN" program--in other words, that parents would have to sign a slip specifically authorizing their children to take the program.

The Superindent and his minions on the Committee fought that idea like banshees, and won. I can add that the Superintendent (at that time) was a conniving Lefty and a dictator; he was going to institute that program no matter what he had to do (which included illegally and high-handedly removing dissenting literature from public meetings.)

But he's gone, and the Committee should implement "opt-IN" instead of "opt-OUT" guidelines.

That will produce the best "survey" of parents on the question of sex-ed.

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