Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big Spenders' Pal: Jim Doyle. Pubbies to Tax More.

Ol' DarthDoyle thinks he found the seductive formula: spend a lot of money, and don't increase too many taxes right away.

That's because Wisconsin (R) leggies are just like Congressional (R) leggies: they love to spend Other People's Money. And those (R) leggies will raise taxes and steal from the MDs to spend on their friends-of-the-evening.

It also became clear Wednesday that Republicans who run the Assembly and Democrats who control the Senate could finish the state budget if they could agree on just two issues - a proposed hospital tax and the size of a cigarette tax increase.

...Doyle is standing by a $1.25 increase in the tax on a pack of cigarettes and a new tax on hospitals that would draw more federal aid. Those are the major sticking points in negotiations. Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) opposes the hospital tax, and this week said he would support a cigarette tax increase of 75 cents.

Doyle's plan also includes a $175 million transfer from the state account that pays medical malpractice claims. Huebsch has said he could accept that, though doctors have threatened a court fight.

This will teach the MDs and smokers--NEVER trust a Republican to actually do what they say.

And it will teach Mayor Tommy NEVER to trust DarthDoyle:

The shared revenue move blows a $3.6 million hole in Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's 2008 city budget and opens a $980,000 gap in Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's 2008 county budget.

Wonder if Tommy can find $3.6 million in excessive spending....


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