Monday, October 08, 2007

The Cost of Ethanol (for Fred Thompson)

I still like Fred better than the others. So I sent a check, accompanied by the following letter:

Dear Senator Thompson,

I had initially planned to send $100.00. But certain costs have risen dramatically since then. Allow me to explain.

During the last 12 months, the cost of ethanol-blend fuel has risen, reducing my contribution by about $6.00. Further, the cost of corn-based food products has risen significantly, reducing my contribution by another $25.00 (we feed a family here.)

In addition, the fuel-economy of our two ancient Ford automobiles has decreased by about 5% due to ethanol pollution of gasoline, reducing my ability to contribute by another $15.00 or so.

Finally, the additional wear and tear on the engines and fuel systems of my automobiles has (and will) cost about $8.00 or so over the (now shortened) expected lifetime of the vehicles.

And, of course, the increased overhead costs of all businesses and governments due to ethanol-requirements are passed on to me in prices, thus eroding overall purchasing power—reducing my contribution, again, by about $3.00.

And it turns out that you, personally, support these cost-increases:

Oh, well. Enclosed is my check for $100.00 less above-described costs—a net of $43.00 for you.



Pete Fanning said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!

I wish I'd have thought of it....

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...


capper said...

If ethanol-blend fuel is so expensive, why is it $2.70 per gallon here, but the non-ethanol-blend fuel is $2.89 in central Wisconsin. (I was there over the weekend, and saw these prices with my own eyes.)