Monday, October 08, 2007

Ah, Those Loving Native (South) Americans

How could one possibly compare the travesties of the Spanish to this?

Hair samples taken from child mummies suggest the ancient Incas "fattened" up children chosen for ritual sacrifice months before actually killing them, British researchers said on Monday.

A chemical analysis of four mummies found high in the Andes mountains also indicates the Incans took the children on a lengthy pilgrimage prior to the killings, the team said. In the case of the 15-year-old "Llullaillaco Maiden" the road to death started at least 12 months before.

"We are looking at a process that began a considerable amount of time before their death," said Andrew Wilson, an archaeologist at the University of Bradford, who led the study. "The maiden was essentially being fattened up or prepared for her final fate at least 12 months before her killing."

Easy. The Spanish conquistadores did not 'fatten up' their victims--after all, the victims were busy attacking the Spanish folks.

Who had the time?



SoonerScotty said...

actually it's quite easy...I mean the Spanish would kill Natives, butcher them, and sell the pieces of people as dog food.

Hmm, I'd rather be sacrificed, even to an unknown or even false god, than be tortured and sold as dog food.

But, then again, I'm one of those uppity Natives.

SoonerScotty said...

Yeah, that's was the Natives who were attacking the Spanish.

Never mind the fact the Spanish were invading, raping, and pillaging.

I seem to remember you Euro-Americans fighting back when attacked by the Japanese.

How is Native resistance any different?

Random10 said...

I had no idea the native pre-Columbians were invading free, rape free and pillaging free.

Those stories of warring indigenous peoples sacrificing captured slaves are really European lies to facilitate their world domination? The limestone pyramids constructed for ritual religious murder are really just stages for theater presentations used to amuse the fully employed populations living in harmony with nature? Harmless play acting to keep the people happy and rewarded for their communal selflessness and caring?

Wow was I ignorant and you are so smart, SS. Thank you for the bringing me the truth about the past. By the way, you forgot plagues. Yes, European plagues were very evil, ask your teacher.

Dad29 said...

You'd rather be sacrificed than be made into dog food.


But the pre-Columbian sacrificial maidens were NOT given that choice, were they, Scott?

Dad29 said...

By the way, Scotty, exactly how was that 'dog food' transported to the markets?

If you expect to be taken seriously, come up with credible arguments.

capper said...

I personally wouldn't want to be sacrificed, slaughtered or experience the Inquisition, another fine product of the Spaniards.