Saturday, September 08, 2007

Doyle Steals $1 BN., Busalacchi Blames Republicans

Frank "The Fixer" Busalacchi, DarthDoyle's #3 running-dog, is playing "The End Of The World As We Know It" through the speakers at Wis DoT offices.

What he doesn't tell you is that TEOTWAWKI was caused by DarthDoyle's 'theft-by-fraud' scheme in the last couple of State budgets--and he doesn't talk about using State DoT lawyers to represent Doyle-campaign contributors. That costs money, too, Frankie...

The state transportation secretary Friday warned that unless a state budget is adopted by mid-October, the legislative impasse could lead to project delays, higher property taxes and increased bus fares.

...In a letter to Administration Secretary Michael Morgan, Busalacchi said seven major projects were at risk of delays if no budget is adopted by Jan. 1:

Three sections of Highway 41 in northeastern Wisconsin; Highway 10 from Marshfield to Stevens Point; Highway 53 in Eau Claire; Highway 26 in Jefferson; and Highway 18 from Prairie du Chien to Highway 60.

Yah--that pretty much looks like Wisconsin will have to shut down.

Do you suppose that $1Billion might have helped?

Over the past four years, more the $1 billion was moved from the transportation fund into other spending. Doyle moved much of that money by reshaping two budgets with his veto powers.

Once again, the spend-a-holic problem shows.

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RAG said...

Jim Doyle appears to be a man of many interests, some of them conflicting.