Wednesday, March 07, 2007

'Frankie' Busalacchi Helps Troha--With STATE Employees

This gets better all the time.

'Frankie' Busalacchi, union leader and DarthDoyle's Secretary of the Wisconsin DOT, (that's the "Department of Issuing Drivers' Licenses to Everybody") felt sorry for poor Dennis Troha.

See, Troha had a tax problem. The guy owes $1 million or so in fuel taxes, and all he has to pay it off is his $33 million dollar net worth.

THERE'S a fellow who needs a little help from his friends.

So what did Frankie, Doyle's Boy at DOT and a real pal, do?

Busalacchi met with Troha in April 2004 and later dispatched an attorney and auditor to Illinois as Troha tried to lessen his companies' fuel tax liabilities

In addition, Busalacchi sent the lawyer to Harrisburg, Pa., even though the attorney's superior complained that there was no funding in the budget for the trip. a Sept. 14, 2004, e-mail, then-chief counsel Jim Thiel said Nilsen went there because Busalacchi promised Troha's attorney, Bill Jennaro, he would do so.

...Nilsen's role in Pennsylvania was to "facilitate a settlement" between the state and Troha's companies, Nilsen wrote.

Yah, hey--Frankie!! Got any DOT lawyers you can send over to IRS for us?

You like having "Fall Guy" pasted on the back of your jacket, Frankie?

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