Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jib's Right

Jib and I are on the same page:

Politicians and road builders will want you to believe that we need to pour hundreds of billions of new money into this problem right now. Don't believe it. This is a problem with priorities, not a problem with funding

Replacing "structurally deficient" bridges is a priority.

Replacing "functionally obsolete" bridges is NOT a priority.

Creating new roads is NOT a priority, except to the usual rent-seekers who incessantly yammer about 'the Free Market'--which to them means Freely Picking Your Pocket with Government Help.

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m.z. forrest said...

Here's one for you Dad29:

It sums up my view on the matter succinctly. BTW, before money was extracted from my gas tax wallet to replace this bridge in Minneapolis, folks could have been kind enough to ask what purpose it serves when there is a freeway bridge not more than 15 miles away and an ordinary car bridge not more than a few blocks away. This is just as much pork as the Bridge to Nowhere.