Friday, August 10, 2007

Gummint, Health Care, and Bordellos

From the LawDog, who keeps track of such things (professionally, of course):

The Mustang Ranch is back in private hands and open for business once again.

For those Gentle Readers who may be less-worldly than others, the Mustang Ranch was, at one time, the largest brothel in Nevada as well as being the first licensed bordello in that State.

However, while interesting, this is not the part of it's history that is really fascinating. What we're interested in is this little tid-bit buried way down in the article: after several years of tax shenanigans by the owner, the Mustang Ranch became the first (Official. Licensed.) brothel run by the United States Federal Government.

They lost money.

Let us allow that simple, yet profound, truth sink into our synapses, shall we?

The Federal Government of the United States can not run a bordello and make money.

Let's not have any smart-cracks about the cost of keeping Congress, please.

And let's think again about the capacity of "16 Wise-Men Gummint Appointees" to run healthcare.


m.z. forrest said...

Considering the original owners spend the 80s and 90s in various bankruptcy courts, I think you are trying to prove too much. This is not to mention that the IRS is not in the business of operations. They may allow a business to continue operations while collecting to payoff delinquent taxes, but active managers they aren't. It's garbage like this that has made conservative logic no longer respectable.

Dad29 said...

Some day, MZ, you'll get a sense of humor.