Monday, August 13, 2007

DNR: Big Budget, Low Output, Breaks Law

The Milwaukee JS has helped Wisconsin taxpayers understand that DNR has a propensity to do only what DNR wants to do with the money they're given--State law be damned.

This will not come as a surprise to people subject to DNR wardens' home-invasions and entrapment techniques--but might surprise those who thought that DNR consisted of "good guys" taking care of Wisconsin's environment.

Wisconsin officials have fallen behind in their oversight of the state's dams, failing over the past decade to inspect dozens that would pose the greatest risk to life and property in the event of a dam break

In all, the state Department of Natural Resources has not inspected at least 230 state-regulated dams - including 67 that are considered a "high or significant hazard" - since August 1997, despite a state law that requires inspections at least once every 10 years.

Oh, it gets worse.

Nearly 80% of all state-regulated dams have no emergency action plans in case the dams fail, as required by law, a Journal Sentinel analysis of state data shows. About half of the 205 high-hazard dams and 84% of the 135 significant-hazard dams have no emergency plans, according to the records.

Obviously, DNR folks have more important things to do, like making certain that no one uses an ATV on roads, or feeds deer in their own yards.

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