Friday, August 10, 2007

"But It's Cheap!! You MUST Like It!!!" PRC Strikes Again

Over the years, we've become accustomed to hearing the "choice is good" line. But it's not only from Planned Parenthood; it's also preached by the Globaloney Crowd, the ones who insist that PRC's Sun-Tzu economic war on the USA is 'good for everyone.'

After all, PRC makes the same stuff, but a lot cheaper, so what's the problem?

We've argued that "cheap" labor and "cheap" engineering has a cost. The slave-labor which PRC utilizes, the total absence of worker-safety & health regulations in PRC's manufacturing environment, and PRC's offhanded disregard of such minor infrastructure items as air and water quality, are portentous. PRC also has developed a culture of theft in intellectual property which is deleterious to both US patent-holders and to purchasers of knockoff products. In addition, PRC has overtly subsidized exports through cash-grants AND currency manipulation.

It's easy to be the low-cost producer, given those conditions.

But since human rights are subordinate to Economic Grasping (and the profits of certain well-entrenched people both in PRC and the US), the Globaloney Crowd has held sway.

(It is NOT a coincidence that Planned Parenthood and PRC are leading Worldwide Merchants of Death, by the way.)

Now PRC's notorious lack of respect for human life is becoming obvious, and it is not only PRC citizen/slaves who are at risk. Pet food, tires, cellphone batteries, seafood, and pharmaceuticals coming from PRC are dangerous, or lethal.

Next: the Chery, which shocked Jim Sensenbrenner. He noticed that the car was a very close copy of a GM/Chevrolet Division auto.

Recently, AvtoRevu, a Russian "Car and Driver" if you will, funded independent crash test research on Chery's top selling sedan in Russia, the Amulet (pictured below). The crash test was a 64km (approximately 40mph) off-set front crash test. On a scale of 0 to 16, the car earned a 1.7. Only one vehicle in the lab's 39 year existence fared poorer, a Russian built model that earned a 0 in 2001. According to the reveiw in AvtoRevu, the Amulet's front door sills "crumpled like newspaper" and "We have never seen such terrible deformation of a car's body." WSJ reports that AvtoRevu stated "...the test dummy became so entwined with the wreckage of the car that it had to be removed piece by piece."

Makes the Corvair look like an Abrams in comparison....

Chery didn't like the results, and said that the Russkis manipulated them.

So Chery hired the commercial arm of the U.K. government's Vehicle Certification Agency to test the car at Chery's headquarters in Shanghai. The test was full frontal, not partial, ran at 56km, not 64km, the vehicle was equipped with an airbag and the crash barrier was less rigid. It passed. Shock!

It was a "reverse-NBC-saddle-tank-test."

This is a piece of baloney which turned green long ago. Wonder how WallyWorld will merchandise it...

HT: Disgruntled Car Salesman

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