Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wisconsin Health Plan---the Possibilities Are Endless

The usual suspects are booming the "Wisconsin Health Plan" (WHP) because, of course, it's a mandate from the Gummint which will provide Nirvana on the cheap.

We'll grant the sincerity of some of the proponents.

On the other hand, Planet Moron has predictions which are not necessarily satirical. (Although it's the ObamaPlanna, not WHP, there's really no difference...)

“Preventive care only works if Americans take personal responsibility for their health and make the right decisions in their own lives – if they eat the right foods, stay active, and stop smoking.”

And in order for Americans to make the “right decisions for their own lives,” they must first be told what those “right” decisions are. And then make those right decisions. For themselves, of course (It’s still a free country!). In this way, the decision of what to have for dinner, often a chaotic affair of individual desires, unique circumstances, and free will is elevated from a purely self-indulgent personal choice to an act of national policy.

In other words, if you have the french fries, the terrorists win.

To further the making of these right decisions, “healthy environments” will be encouraged such as “local grocery stores with fruits and vegetables.”

As "preventive care" moves down the inevitable track,

2010: Universal Health Care Established. Public service announcements urge Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables.

2011: Costs unexpectedly outrun expectations. Taxes are raised to support increased expenditures but only on the “top 30% wealthiest Americans.” The consumption of fruit and vegetables is further encouraged though a combination of public service announcements and the mandate that businesses pay 5% of their wages directly in fresh produce (with the exception of corn, which due to government ethanol requirements now goes for $1 a kernel on the burgeoning black market).

You get the idea.

For you speculators out there, it may be time to purchase Fruits/Veggies futures.

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