Saturday, June 09, 2007

US Taxpayers Contribute $115.00 Per Dead Child


US taxpayers were forced (at gunpoint) to "donate" $305 million to Planned Parenthood. That money assisted in killing 265,000 pre-born babies in the last PP FY.


How very special, indeed.

By the way, PP made a $55 million profit on that activity, which does raise the question: why the Hell are taxpayers forced to fund this outfit?

Aside from the Rockefeller/Clinton legacy, that is?


diana said...

This is outrageous. There are no words to express my disgust.

I can only imagine the firestorm that would erupt if PP was denied funding.

James Q said...

Wow, the cost of condoms and birth control in a year would be less than that!

Wonder Woman said...

Come on James, maybe for you!