Saturday, June 16, 2007

No WONDER There's No Vote-Fraud!

Another fabulous little hit by Jessica:

Of the 26 county district attorneys that received referrals from the state Elections Board of possible illegal voting cases, only five offices have responded to the SEB. The district attorneys’ offices were supposed to give a response by May 25.

And you do NOT win a prize if you guessed which County DA's didn't bother to follow the friggin' LAW on these cases:

SEB spokesman Kyle Richmond said the Elections Board sent out reminders to the non-responding DAs to tell them they are required to respond with the enactment of Act 451 from the 2006 session. The counties receiving the most referrals – Milwaukee (34), Racine County (10) and Dane County (eight) – all did not report to the Elections Board.

No investigation, no prosecution--voila!!! No fraud HERE!!

I see nuthin', Herr Kommandant.

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