Saturday, June 16, 2007

James Harris' Neighborhood Narrative

This is unimaginable for 95% of the residents of Wisconsin, (I hope...) Read the whole thing--this is just a snippet:

Two blocks into my walk I ran into a man and his two sons. They were standing near the sidewalk in the front yard of their beautifully manicured lawn. The gentleman said “Labrador Poodle, right?”


My designer dog is big now, but he is very friendly. Sort of defeats the purpose but, whatever. The gentleman and I chit chat for a minute then I say goodbye. As I am walking away the man stops me and asks, “Can you do me a favor?”

"Sure, how can I help you?"

“Will you pray for me…? That little girl? The one that was shot in the head? That’s my daughter.”

I say nothing.

“She’s in Children’s Hospital right now. Her head is as big this.” He makes his hands in the shape of a small watermelon. “They can’t take the bullet out until the swelling goes down. Pray for her, please, and for my family, too.”

From what James has said about his location in Milwaukee, it's my educated guess that he lives within half-a-mile of the home where my Mom grew up.

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diana said...

The crime in Milwaukee...all those beautiful old neighborhoods gone to pot. Of course this goes hand in hand with the article above...