Friday, June 15, 2007

China is Our Friend, Part 50,125--And GWB's Helping!

What to do with all those USDollars in the bank?

Hell--spend it on arms to kill US military!!

(SSHHHHHH!! The Bushies don't want you to know this!!!)

New intelligence reveals China is covertly supplying large quantities of small arms and weapons to insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban militia in Afghanistan, through Iran.

...Some arms were sent by aircraft directly from Chinese factories to Afghanistan and included large-caliber sniper rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades and components for roadside bombs, as well as other small arms.

The Washington Times reported June 5 that Chinese-made HN-5 anti-aircraft missiles were being used by the Taliban.

According to the officials, the Iranians, in buying the arms, asked Chinese state-run suppliers to expedite the transfers and to remove serial numbers to prevent tracing their origin. China, for its part, offered to transport the weapons in order to prevent the weapons from being interdicted.

The weapons were described as "late-model" arms that have not been seen in the field before and were not left over from Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq.

Stuff you cannot buy at WallyWorld.

Evidently, the Bush "One-World" Gang has less integrity than Congress on the matter:

The Bush administration has been trying to hide or downplay the intelligence reports to protect its pro-business policies toward China, and to continue to claim that China is helping the United States in the war on terrorism. U.S. officials have openly criticized Iran for the arms transfers but so far there has been no mention that China is a main supplier

Yah. After all, what's more important: the Prosperity of Briggs & Stratton, GM, FoMoCo and Chrysler, or a few US troops?

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steveegg said...

You beat me by a few minutes; then again, I also read page 2 of that dispatch where the ChiComs gave the Iranians fast missile boats with optically-guided anti-ship missiles.

What else should I have expected out of an administration that did nothing when the ChiComs took an EP-3?

The Asian Badger said...

Like I've been saying...the Olympics in China is nothing more than the Olympics in a thugocracy.