Friday, June 15, 2007

Chester (Trent) Lott (Me Me Me, MS): An Idiot

Maybe Chester Lott has a peabrain (evidence mounts daily.) But his contention:

“Talk radio is running America." ludicrous, at best.

Chester, an ex-cheerleader, doesn't like the facts of his Mike McGee-like coercion of casualty insurers being exposed by talk radio. He also doesn't like the facts of his Pork Problem to be advertised nationally.

Chester pouts.

But as to his whine that Limbaugh, Sykes, Belling,, are "running America,"?

No, Chester. Rush, Sykes, Belling,, actually have philosophical flaws, which are recognizable to the average person.

However, THEIR flaws are mere speed-bumps compared to those of the old and feeble Ruling Class of Jackasses in certain portions of the Government, whose self-dealing, power-mad, "screw-the-country" antics have been exposed.

Chester, your skirt is showing.


Jeff Miller said...

Lott has had a full cast of what Lileks calls Senatitis for a long time and it is certainly is a terminal case.

If only he tried to please Republicans as much as he fawns over Ted Kennedy.

The Asian Badger said...

Well, if talk radio is running the country, they're doing a better job than anybody in Washington.