Thursday, April 05, 2007

MSM's Denigration of Fred Thompson Begins

Since they're now beginning to dismiss Fred as "just an actor," it means that there is more than a little concern about this guy.

Damn straight there's concern!

I have been waiting for the MSM to start the drumbeat against Fred Thompson that they so often and so boringly used (and still do) against Ronald Reagan; the refrain of "He's just an actor." Now, Rebecca Sinderbrand of the New York Observer has used the general theme for her latest piece, The Mysterious Appeal of Fred Thompson. Subtitled "Actor, Senator, presidential candidate... but what G.O.P. gap is he filling?", Sinderbrand makes liberal use of Thompson's "roles" as a foil for his seriousness as a candidate and seems to be saying that the only reason anyone is considering him is because he looks the part as a result of his "camera presence."

Yup. It's all in the "camera presence," Rebecca.

Sinderbrand undermines Thompson as much as she can with several well turned phrases. He is "a man whose screen presence is ubiquitous", his "acting roles have played like slickly produced Presidential auditions", but is a man who has "ideological squishiness". All geared to make him seem a facade, unreal, and unbelievable. Sinderbrand feels that his appeal "certainly, is cosmetic".

"Cosmetics." "...slick....Presidential auditions."

Please, please!! Dismiss this guy as "just an actor."

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