Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paid Enough? UPDATED! It's Worse Than You Think!

For last year (2005's returns, 2006 filings), Wisconsin's numbers look like this:

• the average Wisconsin adjusted gross income was $43,972;

• on returns with taxes paid, the average tax was $2,716;

Which means that the average Wisconsin income tax-payer paid about 6% of his Wisconsin Gross Adjusted income.

Not to mention the Country's #2 highest gasoline tax, cigarette taxes, increased auto- and truck-registration fees, school taxes, municipal taxes, tech-school taxes, county taxes, the Sales Tax, ....

My head hurts.

And to make this an Extra-Strength headache, Mary Lazich advises:

Wisconsin citizens have to work until May 2 to pay the taxes they owe before they start earning money for themselves, Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) states in a press release issued earlier this week. Last year's Tax Freedom Day for Wisconsin fell on April 28.

The Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. releases a Tax Freedom Day study each year. "This study illustrates that Wisconsinites have one of the heaviest tax burdens in the nation," said Lazich. "...Under Governor Doyle's tax and spend budget, Wisconsin taxpayers will bear an even greater workload, working longer days just to pay off their tax obligations."

Based on Darth's requests for More Of YOUR Money, it'll be July 4th or so in 2008/9.

Pitchforks, anyone?


Billiam said...

And Torches. Don't forget the Torches!

grumps said...

Don't forget, though, the benefits from those taxes run right through the end of the year.

Snow plowing and garbage pickup don't stop.

Dad29 said...

Grumps, other States and municipalities manage on MUCH less money.

They pick up garbage and (some) plow snow, too.

And their children get into colleges!