Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brennan to Take on "Loophole Louie"?

That's not my idea. It's Daniel's.

And it's a damn good idea, too!

In 2005, the circuit court judge with the best record when reviewed in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals was Milwaukee County Judge Michael B. Brennan.

On review in the appeals court, Brennan was perfect, with 24 affirmances, and no reversals. Since Wisconsin Law Journal began collecting this data, Brennan has been affirmed a total of 31 times, and has been reversed only twice (only full published and unpublished opinions are included, not summary dispositions).

Brennan remarked, “It is an affirmation of applying the law as it is written, rather than inserting any personal opinions. I’ve always thought if you are faithful to the text and logic of the law, the correct answer to a problem will present itself, although sometimes it takes more work than others.”

How about skipping all the expensive preliminaries and just going 'by acclamation'?

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