Thursday, March 08, 2007

Van Hollen: Right the First Time

When JB Van Hollen mentioned "terrorists in Wisconsin," he wasn't kidding.

And there are some "conservative" bloggers and law-enforcement types who should be sending their apologies to JB:

When the Toledo charity KindHearts was shut down this past February, for raising millions of dollars for Hamas, the group’s leaders got off scott free. One of those leaders was KindHearts’ President, Khaled Smaili. Another was KindHearts’ South Asia Director, Zulfiqar Ali Shah. Unlike Smaili, who has remained virtually silent since the closure, Shah has continued to bask in the spotlight. He now sits in his new digs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Religious Director of a large Islamic institution and the toast of the media.

HT: Random10

Somehow this little fact has evaded the Journal-Sentinel's News Editor...

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