Friday, March 09, 2007


HT Owen, who found another RINO rooting around:

...the Wisconsin Dental Association was trying to push a new tax through the legislature and Republican Assemblywoman Judy Krawczyk’s staff was happily obliging. Their tax was cutely named “Two Cents for Tooth Sense.” It would have put a two cent tax on the sale of every soft drink in Wisconsin.

...Fortunately, in the climate of that last budget cycle, the proposed tax never even made it into a committee hearing - much less a vote.

But.... it’s back. This time, it has made it into a draft bill which will be introduced shortly. It is currently being circulated for support. It proposes to tax soft drinks at the wholesale level in order to hide the tax from consumers. But make no mistake, this is a $70 MILLION PER YEAR TAX. And again, the WDA has found an Assembly Republican to carry their water.

Who's the Tooth Fairy this time?

Rep. Garey Bies

What we have here is another sign of the decay of the Republican party. Or, if you like, another Pubbie whose wisdom teeth never showed up.

One could also speculate that Bies' largest cavity (above his neck) is empty. Perhaps Zipperer could...ahhh...fill it with spare gray matter?

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