Monday, March 05, 2007

The Usual (R) Suspects

When Sens. Taylor and Wirch sponsor something, it's usually bad news. Sure enough, they are in the process of writing a bill requiring the HPV vaccination--at $360. each--for Wisconsin girls. It's no surprise that these two uber-Socialists are doing this.

But Taylor had also mentioned that there were Republican co-sponsors, and until today (HT: Owen) I never knew who they were.

Here are the Socialist aspirants:

Taylor also cited Republican Sens. Luther Olsen of Ripon and Dan Kapanke of La Crosse; [and] Rep. Suzanne Jeskewitz, R-Menomonee Falls.

Evidently Alberta Darling jumped off the bandwagon (she claims that the "mandate" clause made her think again.)

Olsen and Jeskewitz are the Usual Suspects. Olsen double-crossed the self-defense advocates a few years back, and militantly supports mandatory Corn-a-Hole.

Nice to know which Senators are smarter than everyone else, no?

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