Monday, March 05, 2007

Farming Woes

This is a point-of-view story if there ever was one:

More harmful to the state's agricultural economy than the steady march of urban sprawl across the landscape is the proliferation of homes on huge rural lots that break up large stretches of working farmland, land preservationists say.

These mega-home sites of three, five, 10, 20 or more acres - described by farmland preservation advocates as "too small to farm and too big to mow" - make it difficult for nearby farmers to continue farming.

The large home lots, typically with a big house set in the middle, cannot be used for farming.

...Scott Everett, Great Lakes regional director of the American Farmland Trust, said the migration of people from urban to rural areas, the building of single homes on large country lots and the breakup of farmland into five- and 10-acre parcels have contributed to significant loss of farmland in Wisconsin and the nation.

It's awful, ain'a? The farmers are being practically driven off the land, just like the Indians.

So. A question:

Just who SOLD those 10 or 20 acre parcels?

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