Friday, March 02, 2007

Photo ID to Vote? Who Cares?

Not that DarthDoyle and his Democrat Party would ever allow integrity to be assured in the election process...

Republicans, who control the Assembly, drafted a constitutional amendment to require a photo ID to vote after Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed bills to force that change.

...However, Milwaukee Democrats vowed to put up a fierce fight against the proposal when it resurfaces in the Assembly for a vote.

...Further, Democrats, who control the state Senate, have no plans to vote on any Assembly-passed photo ID requirement.

So the Amendment, (or simple legislation) is a dead issue for at least two more years.

But given what Fischer revealed the other day:

Estimates of the number of illegals who have Wisconsin IDs and driver's licenses are somewhere in the area of 350,000 to 400,000.

..what difference does it make?

In this State, Presidential elections are decided by far less than 100,000 votes--sometimes less than 25,000. If we postulate that the Wisconsin DMV has handed out only 100,000 licenses to illegals, that's far more than necessary to swing an election, and certainly enough to elect a Democrat to the office of Governor.

To repeat: who cares? Even if the Democrat Party woke up one day with some overwhelming desire to restore integrity to elections, it's already irrelevant.

My advice to the Dimowits: pass the Amendment. Pose for holy pictures. You can still count on a few hundred thousand "voters" to keep your offices.

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Wonder Woman said...

Or go topless, that always gets a few people's eyebrows raised ;)