Friday, March 02, 2007

Fiscal "Conservatives" and Globaloney

This line jumps out:

I'm curious how the anti-free-trade talk will fly here at CPAC, where fiscal conservatives tend to think along the lines of globalization.

That's Captain Ed referring to Duncan Hunter's positions as expressed at CPAC, where the Captain is a member of Blogger's Row.

Were Captain Ed to do a little homework on "globaloney," he'd find that this stuff is the bastard-child of the Rockefeller/JPMorgan marriage of convenience--hardly a 'fiscal conservative' credential.

The Morgan house, originally a British investment-banking business (jumping the pond to partner with Drexel) has always had an Anglophile point of view--you know the one--'the Sun Never Sets' and 'White Man's Burden.' That British Empire doesn't have clean hands, by the way; it financed England's tea-buying with heroin sales and wasn't too bloody persnickety about selling slaves from India, or brutalizing the Boer women and children...

But that's REAL history. (We should be careful about whom we choose to idolize.)

So, Ed, maybe "Fiscal Imperialists" is a better term to describe the Rocky/Morgan bunch--not "fiscal Conservatives."

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