Friday, March 02, 2007

Doyle Will NOT Give Up His Illegal/Terrorist Pals; Threatens Taxpayers Instead

Darth, recovering from surgery and not addressing a recent indictment, spouts his usual vomitus when faced with the possibility that he will have to give up issuing State ID's and drivers' licenses to his illegal- and/or terrorist-pals:

"Unless Congress acts to provide more flexibility and resources, get ready for higher fees, longer lines, fewer DMV centers, and a major headache when you go to renew your license," he said in a statement.

The rules push back by 19 months - until Dec. 31, 2009 - the date by which states must start issuing uniform driver's licenses and forcing applicants to prove their identity and that they are legally in the country. State workers will have to verify the accuracy of documents such as birth certificates presented by those seeking licenses.

Doyle said the delay could actually make the situation worse because the date by which all residents must have the new driver's licenses remains unchanged at May 10, 2013.

That means Wisconsin will only have three years to cycle nearly 4 million residents who have IDs through Department of Motor Vehicle centers - instead of the current eight-year renewal cycle.

Are you threatening us, Jimbo? After YOUR DMV with YOUR rules issued 300,000+ licenses to God-knows-who?

Take the costs out of your pension and accumulated sick-leave, Darth, you jackass.

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