Monday, January 08, 2007

Pelosi Trying to Out-Do McPain/Feinie

If you thought that "free speech" was part of the 1st Amendment you're right.

But all that means is that you're not a Member of Congress PIG (Party-In-Government).

...Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner recently reported on a bill that Pelosi hopes to push through Congress. It's called the "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act." But if we had truth-in-labeling laws for lawmakers, this bill would be called the "First Amendment Extermination Act."

Under this bill, grassroots organizations that let you know what's going on in Congress would be required to register-that's right, register-with the government. Even worse, according to Tapscott:

"All informational and educational materials produced by such groups would have to be registered and reported on a quarterly basis. Failure to report would result in severe civil penalties (likely followed soon by criminal penalties as well)."

Under the McPain/Feinie/Pelosi regime, you VILL be silent, or VEE HAFF our VAYS to make certain.


Billiam said...

I guess I'd rather go to jail, than be silent...

Karen Marie Knapp said...

It would be really great, though, to have a straightforward way of finding out just who is behind each daily attack ad and push-poll and patriotic-sounding name-mask.