Friday, January 05, 2007

Man Arrested/Ticketed for Walking with Trash

This poor old guy...did he REALLY deserve this?

Police ticketed a 72-year-old man who walked near Hawthorne Elementary School on Thursday morning with a pellet gun, Capt. Mike Babe said.

"He didn't intend any harm," Babe said. The man found the pellet gun in the trash and was carrying it as he walked down the street. He realized later that probably wasn't a good idea, Babe said.

(The realization dawned as the cuffs clicked on...)

The man's actions prompted a driver and some of the neighbors to call police because the gun looked real.

The man was taken into custody without incident at 10:15 near Hawthorn Drive and Moreland Blvd. He was issued a municipal citation.

So here you have some old guy who scrounged a pellet gun and was walking to his home with it. Based on the story, it was clear to everyone in authority that the guy was as harmless as a bunny rabbit.

So he gets a ticket?

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