Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kagen: National Laughingstock

Wisconsin blogger Lakeshore Laments, through Sean Hackbarth gets national exposure by exposing Cong. Kagen (D-WI) as a complete idiot:

...the funny story of a freshman Democratic congressman from Wisconsin who just cut and pasted to create his own website from a Nebraska Republican's site. Apparently, whoever on his staff who was assigned to create the site was so clueless that they just left in the contact information so the Wisconsinites are instructed to call the Nebraska guy's office if they want a flag that flew over the Capitol.

That is like kids I've had who plagiarize from the Internet but are too clueless to remove the links embedded in their paper.

"Not Ready for Prime Time" used to be an SNL marque. Now it's Congressional Dems.

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