Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Harkin Speaks for Dead Nazis

Nothing like a little "scientific research" in the minds of Dr. Mengele and Sen. Harkin (D-Iowa):

Focusing on preliminary "alternatives" like the amniotic stem cells won't fool that public, added Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa.

"If we truly want to cure and treat diseases that afflict so many people in this country, our nation's top scientists should be allowed to pursue stem cell research of all kinds, be it embryonic, adult or amniotic," he said.

The Senator wants to use taxpayer money to finance this, as did the Nazis.

Some things never change...

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Anonymous said...

How, or WHY we keep re-electing Harkin here in Iowa is beyond my comprehension. He is an embarrassment to the state. & this is more proof. He is so out of touch with Iowa values. Yet, he keeps convincing the voters otherwise. Probably because he is so adept at talking out of both sides of his mouth & even after a vote won't admit to it. (This I know from personal experience.)

My prayer is that we finally wake up in 2008 & kick him out of the Senate so he can permanant retire to the Bahamas where he really lives. (For the record, he doesn't own a home in Iowa, his so-called residence is a relative's home he uses as a cover.