Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Banks Case: David Clarke Screwup, Too??

On further review, we find another interesting paragraph in the story:

Even if the warrant had been issued earlier, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, which runs the jail, doesn't check for Municipal Court warrants because they are not entered into the national criminal-information database the department uses, Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Kim Brooks said. Milwaukee municipal warrants can be seen at the Milwaukee Municipal Court Web site, but checking there is "not efficient" for the jail staff, Brooks said, adding that such warrants ought to be entered into the national database.

In brief: A Milwaukee municipal court issued a bench-warrant for the murderer, Banks, on November 20th, which would not be formally entered until 2 weeks later. Banks was picked up on November 23rd, but released by the County Jail on bond.

Apparently because of the 'customary' two-week delay in entering bench-warrants, the Sheriff's Office did not know that Banks was wanted.

Well, that's interesting.

MORE interesting is the line about "not efficient."

Is Sheriff Clarke trying to tell us that "efficiency" is more important than "public safety?" How the Hell does he explain the statement from Ms. Brooks?

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