Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why "Naturalize Now" Is Bush's Desire

It's clear that Our President (and Senator McPain) will get their way on the immigration question.

Don't wonder why. The answer is here:

...the immigration system has no integrity! As you read the article (about the processing of up to 30,000 citizenship applications in 2005 without reviewing critical background files), you will notice that a link has been provided to a GAO report that documents the ineptitude and incompetence of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) in carrying out what is arguably its most serious mission, the adjudication of applications for United States citizenship.

...The point is that USCIS is running an obviously fatally flawed program to naturalize aliens, where the emphasis is on the elimination of the backlog and not on making an effort to perform a cursory review of the relevant immigration files of as many as 30,000 cases this year alone!

In other words, what's the difference? Legal, illegal--if you're a terrorist, a child-rapist, or a murderer, no problem. Just sign up here.

The cynical might ask why GWB and McPain don't simply make IRS compliance voluntary, too...except we know that it's all about the money.

HT: CounterterrorismBlog

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