Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Progressives

Clay Cramer does provocative stuff, but he's well-informed.

Regarding 'The Progressives,' he's not saying anything radically new to Catholics (or anyone else who believes the story of the Fall):

I've read that part of why Progressives back then took that name is that they believed that the traditional laissez-faire approach to government that we generally associate with "conservatives" was based on a false perception that governments couldn't be trusted with power. Progressives believed that an evolving society required a more activist government, and that human being had progressed enough that the dangers of governmental abuse really weren't present anymore--or at least, not enough to justify being stuck in an Englightenment-era straitjacket. Certainly, the policies that they promoted back then fit this delusion. Progressives today are suffering that same set of delusions.

Ummnnnhh...yeah. Something Noonan implied about GWB's weltanschuung, too.

In effect, the Progressives simply switched one set of human beings for another set, with the faith and confidence that their set was blameless and incapable of evil. In due time, their Revolution will be quashed.

The only question is "how."

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