Friday, December 08, 2006

Ryan: The Pubbies May Actually Get It!

Paul Ryan will be the ranking member (the #1 Pubbie) of the House Budget Committee, placed there by Pubbie leadership despite a seniority gap.

Ryan said Thursday that his campaign pitch to the panel was that "we've wandered (as Republicans) off the path of fiscal responsibility and we've got to get serious about getting back on it."

There were doubts about Boehner's understanding of the spending situation among conservatives. This should put some of them to rest.

An indirect affirmation was Petri's loss.

Petri lost his bid to be ranking member on Transportation to John Mica of Florida. Petri lost a race for chairmanship of the Education and the Workforce Committee six years ago.

Petri said party decision-makers told him his style was too accommodating to Democrats.

Yah--you could say that. Just look at the amount of pavement in Petri's district...

"Maybe I'm missing something," Petri said. "Sometimes I think you can be more effective by working with people."

The Congressman deliberately missed the point. We are not surprised.

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