Saturday, December 02, 2006

Condella Blew the Forecast

If you watched Thursday night's Channel 6 weather forecast, you noted that Vince Condella had the storm-track forecast quite a bit east (like central Lower Michigan) than where it actually went.

His call went against the forecast of Channel 4's Malan, who placed the track a little south of where it actually wound up.

While Malan's forecast under-projected the snow totals by 3-4 inches in Greater Milwaukee, Condella's was way off--

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P.I. Mom said...

I saw that you guys are getting slammed. Stay warm!
It's been 70 degrees in Pennsylvania for the last couple of days and while everyone stayed in their homes last night because of a WAY OFF forcast of flooding and high winds, I went out Christmas shopping and had the stores to myself. It sprinkled....and yeah, it was windy....but nothing like predicted. HA! Gotta love these "poorcasters".