Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WI. Catholic Bishops Should Slam Darth Doyle

While Darth Doyle has prostituted his Administration and the State to the gambling interests, WEAC, and trial lawyers, (and the stench from the Governor's Office grows daily,) the single most significant moral issue--killing babies--has not drawn much attention.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First, embryonic stem-cell research, Darth Doyle's favorite method of human sacrifice, is a bit obscure. It's not easy to discern the bouncing baby in the extremely tiny but distinctly "human" blastocyst.

On the other hand, abortion, the Scarlet "A" of the Democrat party and its assorted Voldemorts, Darths, and Eichmanns, has been a "Federal" issue for years.

Until Mark Green and a few legal challenges to the foundations of Roe.

During Friday's debate, Green and Doyle were asked how they would manage the legality of abortion in Wisconsin if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that made abortion legal. Some have speculated about the possibility with the court's new makeup, and cases related to abortion laws are before the court in November.

...Doyle answered by saying he believed women should be the ones making personal choices, not politicians, and said the next governor would make a "huge difference" for the rights of women in Wisconsin. [Like female pre-born babies, Darth?]

Green responded that he opposes abortion, calling it a "...a way out" and "a safety hazard," adding that the best approach was to provide women many options and alternatives to abortion.

Darth further opined:

...he found Green's comments out of touch and "incredibly demeaning to women."

"It's clear he believes he should make the choice on behalf of woman and I believe that women ought to make the choice," Doyle said. "I just think it's an incredibly difficult, private, personal choice and that politicians shouldn't be making it on behalf of the people who are actually dealing with it."

Of course, when Darth Doyle speaks of 'politicians,' he first looks in a mirror--and sees craven, money-driven megalomania. That's precisely why Darth cannot conceive of the possibility that politicians could make decisions based on Right Order.

On the other hand, the Catholic Bishops of Wisconsin can do so, and should. They should be loud and clear in condemning Darth Doyle's blatantly immoral endorsement of abortion. After all, Doyle claims to be a Roman Catholic.

Call him out. Forcefully. Loudly.

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Amy said...

"It's clear he believes he should make the choice on behalf of woman and I believe that women ought to make the choice..."

Which would totally explain why the largest group of abortion supporters are MEN ages 18-30, because these men also believe it's the "woman's choice" to absolve them of any parental responsibility.

Or the fact that NARAL and other pro-abortion groups fight tooth-and-nail to make decry when women have access to ultrasounds or other medical information that would show them the baby is, in fact, human and not some diseased clump of cells.

Or that the pro-abortion rhetoric has coerced countless women into "choosing" abortion as the only acceptable answer to an unplanned pregnancy.

Or the fact that the pro-abortion crowd wants abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare" but goes apoplectic whenever abortion rates dip.

Yeah. Mark Green is the problem. Right.