Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kate and Doyle: Spend MORE!

Sure enough, Diamond Jim has all kinds of bright ideas--now that his grasp on the Office of Governor is slipping.

Doyle and Democratic attorney general candidate Kathleen Falk called for the hiring of 15 additional State Crime Laboratory analysts to help reduce a testing backlog of DNA samples.

...The additional analysts under Doyle and Falk's crime lab proposal would cost $1.22 million during the next two-year budget, Doyle and Falk, Dane County executive, said in Milwaukee.

Doyle and Falk also endorsed a new training program to help the crime lab better prioritize cases and a more stringent screening policy in which DNA samples from sexual assault and homicide cases would be tested within 30 days.

(Does Kate need Diamond Jim to speak on her behalf? Oh--yeah--Kate doesn't know the terminology for "criminal prosecution." I forgot.)

While the JSOnline doesn't directly mention it, this proposal is laughable--after all, the Attorney-General of Wisconsin before "Keg" was none other than Jimbo Doyle. So over damn near a dozen years, the mis-allocation of Crime Lab dollars has left Wisconsin law enforcement folks on the short end of the stick.

No surprise--Keg's priority (and Kate's) will be to sue the hell out of Wisconsin businesses, not to mention other US businesses.

Crime? Whassat? We have important things to do.

There is no need to spend more money for the Crime Lab. There is a need to spend money intelligently.

That would be JB VanHollen, folks....

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