Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Bomb Power---ENGINE Power

From a newsletter:

"Most farming irrigation systems run on diesel engines. The fruit and vegetables your family enjoys were probably not just transported by diesel power; they were likely watered with diesel power also," he reports. "This could soon change. An Iowa company called Hydrogen Engine Center, specializing in alternative fuel engines, has gone into partnership with Sawtelle & Rosprim, a California irrigation pump manufacturer. Together, they plan to introduce the first-ever ammonia-powered irrigation system. Anhydrous ammonia, or NH3, is rich in hydrogen and carbon free; because farmers have long used it for fertilizer, regulations, pipelines and distribution centers for ammonia are already in place. "

The technology would be especially attractive to California farmers, whoare under pressure to comply with increasingly strict emissions rules. Asuccessful test over the 2007 growing season could lead to commercialsales in 2008."

How long before Congress gives, say, Archer-Daniels-Midland a few zillion dollars to play with THIS solution? And will Luther Olsen make sure his little brother does well?

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