Friday, October 06, 2006

FoleyGate from a Homosexual

Since Marquette students won't take my word for it, (nor will any of the other PC flappers,) here's another individual--a homosexual--who says exactly the same thing:

But it's the dirty little secret, that the gay activist crowd will never permit the MSM to note, that gay-male culture has a sexualized fascination with youth

...the cult of the Beautiful Boy has been part of male homosexuality from the very beginning. No reader of Plato or Kenneth Dover can have any doubt that for the Greeks, homosexuality MEANT a man and a teenage boy. The Renaissance and the Victorian/Edwardian aesthetes, up to Oscar Wilde, took their cues from that, as Camille Paglia has shown. Or consider even any number of "growing up in an English boarding school" novels or films. As for today ... well, "barely legal" "baby-face" "boi" and "twink" are practically genres in gay-porn and personal ads, right alongside and in the same forums as desires for "military," "daddy" and "frat boy" types (i.e., the frankly-stated desire for young males is not marginalized in "mainstream" gay outlets as NAMBLA the self-conscious organization generally is). That a significant, more-than-random (and way more than enough to rule out the "bigotry" card) number of homosexuals express a sexual desire for teenagers, or for adults who are baby-faced enough to pretend they are teens or allow for the fantasy that they are teens, just seems to be the case.

This is NOT a question of whether or not I "like" or "dislike" homosexuals. Matter of fact, my social relationships with homosexuals are just fine. But there are facts about which there is no dispute--and that's that.


amazon said...

This sounds right, Dad.

But surely you aren't going to deny that hetersexual men crave teenage girls and girlish-looking women?

You seem to be saying that gay men are peculiar, but guys are guys. They want young flesh.

So stop being a homophobe about it. You're all pigs--at least if you have any spunk in you.

James Quigley said...

I'd have to agree with amazon in that even heterosexuals are fascinated by younger males/females.

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

That's something that struck me this week as well. Beyond straight porn, even Hollywood pairings in movies frequently pair an older man with a younger woman.
That's the way lust works: it's an effort at sexual transsubstantiation, where the older man becomes a younger man, and the object of this lust becomes just an object.
Curse the unholy trinity of Freud, Kinsey, and Steinem.

Dad29 said...

Amazon: no denying that hetero males prefer "low-mileage" babes.

And your conclusion--that the male sex drive is generally disorderly--is also correct.

But putting up this post was done NOT to "be a homophobe," but to demonstrate that the homosexual-propaganda line 'gays are NOT chicken-chasers' is pure crap.

James: I don't know of any hetero males who are 'fascinated' by younger males. Females, yes. Males, no.

James Quigley said...

I was referring to heterosexuals in general...sorry I didn't specify it better, lol.