Sunday, September 10, 2006

UW-System Students: the Truth Is Here

The job of the College Democrats is to lie to you about Jim Doyle. It's called "follow the leader."

Here, thanks to Letters in Bottles, you'll get a dose of the truth:

...Green proposes limiting tuition hikes to the rate of inflation. Now, under Governor Doyle tuition has increased by more than 50%, quite a bit more than the rate of inflation.

...the only time that Green mentions budget cuts is when he points out, quite correctly, that under Doyle state spending has increased 20% while the UW System has been cut $341 million.

If Jim Doyle is a friend to UW students and parents, then pigs fly.


amazon said...

Dad, you are being dishonest. You write as if our thoroughly conservative legislature had nothing to do with tuition hikes and budget cuts in the UW system. Get real!

Anonymous said...

I guess I was asleep when both houses of the Republican legislature rose up to reject the proposed UW budget cuts. Can you clue me in on when that happened? How about when any Republican in either house protested? If what you say is true, surely that occurred? When was it?

Can you spell "H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E"?

Dad29 said...

Facts is facts, amaz/anony

Doyle signed off on the budgets which strangled UW students and parents.

He does have the world's most powerful veto, you know.

Even managed to defraud the Highway fund of $400MM with his creativity.

Surely he could have saved the UW children and their parents from this, this, this....Republican Plot!!

Nope. Doyle doesn't give a rotten damn about ANYONE except the super-contributors: casinos, WEAC, and --oh, yeah--the Adelman/Fromstein bunch.

We'll look forward to his indictment around March of 2007. Hope he has a job. He'll need to pay some attorneys.

Anonymous said...

You confirm the central point by your non-responsive response: Doyle proposed the cuts and the spineless Republican legislators who now protest went along like very well-trained sheep.

You have no objectivity. You are a shameless shill.