Monday, September 04, 2006

The REAL Miller Brewing Position

Miller's spin on their contribution to illegal-alien "rights" is a half-denial:

"The money supported a recent convention on immigration issues in Chicago, which provided attendees with information on how to become legally naturalized citizens of the U.S.," [the Miller spokesman] said.

No doubt about it.

Says Malkin:

Yes, it all depends on what the meaning of "finance" is. See, they didn't "finance" the march. They just helped pay for the planners to plan it, advertise it, and publicize it. And, oh yeah, they handed out information on how to get citizenship.

Here's some Miller Mukety-Muk bleating back in March:

In productive discussions held yesterday, we agreed to:

1) Provide assistance to community efforts to reach out to specific members of the Senate and business associations in Washington D.C.

2) Make a clear public statement regarding our opposition to HR 4437 and our desire for appropriate immigration reform that provides adequate protection for the rights of undocumented immigrants.

3) Place print advertisements in Chicago and Milwaukee media stating our opposition to HR 4437.

4) Work with the organizations to explore opportunities for community-based partnerships with a particular focus on scholarships for undocumented students.


HT: Malkin

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