Monday, September 11, 2006

"Path to 9/11"

Of COURSE we watched it.

Still haven't seen mention of Jamie Gorelick's contribution to the terrorists yet (the "wall" of separation between FBI and CIA information...)

And BlameBush has a paragraph worth repeating here:

In the spirit of national unity, ABC has agreed to remove any footage that makes Clinton or members of his cabinet look like ineffectual boobs. The new, more historically accurate movie will be five minutes long with 6 hours of commercials. In the drama's only scene, a senile, doddering Ronald Reagan is discouraged from capturing Osama Bin Laden by a domineering Nancy Reagan who, on the advice of her astrologer, instructs him instead to lay flowers on Hitler's grave and then beat up some queers for Jesus.


rhonda lugari said...

Rick and I watched the first part last night. The no commercial thing was very difficult. We had to get the children to bed (with all the little routines that go with that) in record speed.

Jeff Miller said...

There was no mention of Gorelock in the pre-edited version either. Hugh Hewitt had several people from show on for a three hour interview and he asked them about it. They said there was one scene that alluded to it, but that Hugh saw in a different context, so there was nothing blantant.