Sunday, September 03, 2006

MacMac Goes To Bizarre-Land, Brings Back Samples

Actually voting for someone who is happy to be known as "Mac-Mac" requires a mindset with which I am unfamiliar.

But actually voting for ANY candidate who cannot read a news article without applying a Bizarre Interpretation Translator template is....ahh....

....the closest analogy has to do with Kevin Barrett....

Here's the newspaper text:

Police believe Candace was shot by errant bullets.

Here's how "Mac-Mac" interprets the above 8 words:

"I'm wondering who might have shot this child. The paper (Journal Sentinel) said errant shots or bullets. Is it possible police shot that child?"

Sure, Mac-Mac. See, it was all a plot by Nan Hegarty, in conjunction with Tom Barrett and faceless Department of Community Development bureaucrats. See, at the Police firing-range, they fired into the air. We all know that bullets fired into the air can kill people on re-entry, and ballistic tests have not proven that the fatal rounds were not from the police firing range.

[Cue music from Twilight Zone. Show fades of Barrett and Hegarty morphing into Bush and Cheney.]

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