Monday, September 04, 2006

Legislative Staffers: Smart, Useful, and Unhappy

Playground's posting is usually strong medicine. Generally speaking, it is discomfiting. On the other hand, Playground is an equal-opportunity discomfiter; one suspects that the Lefties don't enjoy all he has to say, either.

Here's one of his recent offerings. My reaction follows:

Someone should really tell Assembly GOP legislators that their staff find out everything anyway, usually in advance because legislators are TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. Not telling staff about "secret" meetings only pisses them off.

Funny how GOP leadership constantly talks about the "team." But really, they've completely disenfranchised staff, relegating them from skill player to water boy in just four years.

Scott Jensen knew that staff could be a powerful weapon and worked to include staff in the policy making process.

Under the current leadership, many of the building's best and brightest minds have resorted to leisure reading and three hour lunches because members steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that their staff, by and large, are smarter than most of their own colleagues.

Staff have figured out that "team" is just code for "please drop lit and do doors for members who, in many cases, are entirely too damn lazy to get out and work for themselves." I mean, isn't everyone just waiting for the last-minute "help Carol Owens" plea to go out? It always does.

This is cute. Unhappy, unfulfilled "best and brightest" see their career aspirations (in Gummint: steady paycheck, excellent bennies, nice area to live in....) going down the pissoir because current Leadership thinks less of them than they do of themselves.

Solution, Playgroud: Get A REAL Job. Madison's full of them. So is Arcadia (furniture manufacturing) and Milwaukee (welding.)


Anonymous said...

Oh- but you see, what you need to say loudly over and over again is: Playground did get another job. His name is Ryan Gruber he went off to play his french horn in europe. But, the ingrate and a few staffers who are too dumb to know how good they have it won't quit whining.........See link below to Gruber's other blog. Sooooooooo-Representatives that don't like what Gruber is saying should be checking to see if their staff are among those still feeding Gruber his "crumbs"...

Dad29 said...


Personally, I don't advocate treating ANYONE like dogs, or crumbs. Smart ass'ymen know better.

Happy to note that Playground is a happy camper in Spain.

Anonymous said...

Staff aren't treated like dogs. The only ones who think so, are those who do not realize they were hired - not elected!
Legislators are elected by the people who pay the bills. Staff merely work at the "will of their appointing authority" - the Legislator.
It is a very simple concept. Unless of course, like Mr. Gruber and his ilk, you have an exaggerated sense of self-importance!