Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to Prevail in the War

Frank Gaffney has a few ideas. Gaffney was (and remains) the principal force behind "Star Wars"--a successful anti-missle defense system and rational alternative to "M A D"--Mutually Assured Destruction--which is the Left's preferred method of nuclear combat.

At any rate, Gaffney's strategic smarts are pretty good. Here are a few of his thoughts on How to Win the War against Islamofascists:

"Devise, staff up, and begin executing a political warfare strategy. Countering the Islamofascist ideology must be its principal focus.

"De-legitimize Islamist extremism in the eyes of Muslims, and especially its potential supporters. We need to show that, although violent Islamism is certainly a problem for us in the West, it is a vastly greater problem for the Muslim community.

"Use our strengths. The good news is that Americans are among the world's experts at political warfare....The talent, creativity, ingenuity, and, yes, ruthlessness of top-flight political campaign strategists of both parties should be mustered for the purpose of fighting our enemies and helping our friends rather than fighting each other.

"Invest in the instruments of political warfare, including public diplomacy. Public diplomacy, intended to influence perceptions, attitudes, and actions abroad, must be viewed as a form of political warfare....An immediate and sweeping ramp-up of our international broadcasting capabilities is needed to provide high-quality programming.

"Reinforce and strengthen our friends. By demonstrating that there are not only consequences for opposing us, but also real and tangible benefits from supporting us, we can maximize the chances of our success. Critical in this regard is the American commitment to the continued survival of one of the most exposed countries of the Free World: Israel."

Imagine unleashing Xoff against the really bad guys, for example. I wouldn't trust him with a gun, but hey--a good old-fashioned Underwood...wow.

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