Thursday, September 14, 2006

Guns: All You Need to Know and Do

It's on for September 30th!

Want to learn how to handle/shoot a handgun? Rifle? Shotgun?

Bring $14.00 for a day-pass and pay close attention--we'll get you up and shooting.

I'll have a couple of .22LR rifles, a GREAT .17 airgun rifle, and a good old-fashioned 9mm semiauto.

Print the following and bring it along:


1) Treat all guns as if they are loaded ALL the time.

2) Never let the muzzle of a gun point at anything you do not want to destroy or kill.

3) Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are "on target."

4) Be absolutely sure of your target, and what is behind it.

After that, it's easy!


steveegg said...

Allow me to amend rule #1 slightly -

1) Treat all guns as if they are loaded with the safety off ALL the time.

See you on the 30th.

Dad29 said...

I got the rules from Cooper.

Scarlette said...

I would like to go. Would one of those guns be suitable for possum hunting? If so, could someone take me?

Dad29 said...

Scar, follow the link on my blog to Chris' post. Follow HIS link to McMiller Range. Show up there at 1000 hours on 9/30th.

A .22LR rifle will kill your possum, assuming you can place the slug just behind the front legs midway from top-to-bottom of the critter's chest (the heart.) OR if you can place the slug through the skull.

You have to go possum hunting on your own. Sorry.

Dad29 said...

Scar, if you want a ride to McMiller, advise Chris on his blog. He and I will be splitting up assignments on this party.

If you live in Milwaukee, there may be some bloggers coming from there. I'm near Pewaukee--Chris is in Oconomowoc.

Scarlette said...

Dad, I have a couple of questions:
Do you have lots of possums there in your area?
Do I have to bring my own gun or rifle?
Is 1000 hours 1:00?
Don't you want to go possum hunting?

Dad29 said...

Most possums here are roadkill.

1000 hours is 10:00 AM.

If you have a gun, bring it. If you don't there will be a few around.

No, I don't want to go possum hunting.

Scarlette said...

Too bad you don't want to go possum hunting, Dad. I was going to let you keep every possum killed. Although, that may not be a good incentive because they probably taste as bad as they look.