Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good News on the ACLU Front

Legislation which will shut down a major source of revenue for the ACLU (your wallet) is advancing through the House. The primary effect of the law, however, will be to preserve religious markers, monuments, and mnemonics.

A plan that would cut off the pipeline of taxpayer money that now flows into American Civil Liberties Union coffers has been advanced by the House Judiciary Committee.

The Public Expression of Religion Act, introduced by Indiana Congressman John Hostettler, now will move to the full House for a vote.

[House Judiciary is chaired by Jim Sensenbrenner. It is no co-incidence that the Wacko Lefto Bonzos are actively running a "Hate Sensenbrenner" campaign.]

The American Legion has been pushing for this legislation.

The plan came about after the ACLU, "the Taliban of American liberal secularism," according to Lloyd, [the President of the American Legion] sued to tear down a cross on a rock outcrop erected by veterans as a memorial to World War I veterans in 1934 in the remote Mojave Desert.

Officials noted
someone would have to drive 11 miles off the highway "to be offended" by the cross.

There had been no complaints against the memorial in 60 years, until the ACLU sued to have it removed, and then asked for and got $63,000.
["Hard-earned" we're sure...] 2001 Iowa county officials removed a Ten Commandments monument from a courthouse lawn rather than face the attorney's fees threatened. And in 2004, Los Angeles removed a tiny cross from the county seal when it was threatened with those fees.

One such case that currently is grinding its way through the court system involves the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial in California.

The ACLU has been fighting to remove that for 17 years, even though 76 percent of the people in San Diego where it is located want it to stay.

Remember that it is YOUR tax dollar which supports the ACLU's efforts to eradicate any vestige of Christianity from the public face of this country.

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